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Teamie Addax (2.25)

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Thursday, March 2, 2023
Nikhil Mehta

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Discover the latest updates in Teamie's Addax version 2.25, including the Personalized Posts, Recurring Calendar Events, Exporting Poll Results and much more.

Friday, January 6, 2023
Nikhil Mehta
Wednesday, November 9, 2022
Nikhil Mehta

Learn On-the-Go

Learn Anytime Anywhere. With Teamie's iOS and Android Apps, you have the tools to learn and teach from wherever you are.


  • Etiqa Academy is using the Teamie platform to train our agency force and give our agents the flexibility to learn when they want, and where they want. Teamie enabled us to easily deliver & track online learning to thousands of our agents across the country. 

    The platform allowed us to use our existing training content, as well as create resources and quizzes using the simple interface on Teamie. Now our agency force has alternative learning and can sign up for e-learning modules through the platform and complete their training requirements. With Teamie, we can use a blended training approach, that can support the agency force in acquiring the knowledge and skills in order to improve their productivity.

    Our agents can now learn anytime from their mobile phones or laptops, and we can push announcements to them through a simple social interface. Plus, the CPD tracking helps our agents stay on top of their training targets.

    The support and service from Teamie was excellent and timely, often offering advice and producing results beyond what was requested. Their in-depth knowledge of the platform enables them to effectively support and implement Etiqa Academy’s learning requirements which are different from the off-the-shelf Teamie platform.

    Sharifah Fazlina Binti Syed Jaafar
    Head, Knowledge & Content Management
  • We rolled out Teamie learning platform to our staff spread across multiple offices and workshops with the goal to enable anytime learning. Features like posting announcements and support for various content types has enabled us to deliver just-in-time learning. I am really delighted to find that the platform is comprehensive with multiple functions to cater to our organization learning needs and yet extremely user friendly. 

    Not just the platform is user friendly, even the support services provided by Teamie has been great and have helped us create a positive learning environment for our teams. Teamie have demonstrated and delivered an extraordinary level of customer service which, in my opinion, have exceeded our expectations. They are willing to walk the extra miles and go out of the way to assist us in every way possible.

    You need to see it and feel it for yourself to believe it. A great learning platform with superior customer service, Teamie have really impressed us.

  • As a school looking to replace a more traditional VLE we invited more than 16 vendors to demonstrate their products to us. The field was very quickly narrowed down to three, and discussions were plentiful.  In the end, the clear winner was ‘Teamie’. The concise, friendly, and familiar newsfeed offered opportunities for clear information and discussion, and small, but important features such as locking a post opened up ideas for formative assessment practices.

    Lessons can be dynamic, and existing materials very easily imported and adapted. With ‘single sign on’ functionality and deep integration with other systems (SIMS Information Management System, Google mail and apps, Turnitin, to name just a few) Teamie has become the central resource for the school community with administrators, teachers, parents, and most importantly students all finding the system easy to navigate and to use.

    Since making the decision – the rightness of our choice of Teamie has been confirmed in many ways. Never have I encountered a support team so responsive and so willing to build their product to match the aims and philosophy of the individual school. Many ‘minor changes’ that other vendors may have said was impossible, or costly, have been quietly made to our installation to match with our stated mission as a Lasallian International School.

    Our journey is just beginning, but confidence is high as we roll out the platform to all stakeholders – and we look forward to an ongoing partnership where we are not just a customer, but are invited to consult and help shape future iterations of the Teamie platform.

    Trevor Hughes
    Assistant Principal
  • UWCSEA chose Teamie over other learning platforms as the integral social and collaborative basis of the platform resonates strongly with our principles of learning. The deep Google Apps integration allows it to complement and enhance our current practice without requiring teachers to move (again) all their resources or change calendar platforms. Teamie has excellent support and responsiveness to feedback, and an openness to integrate with other products. Being a cloud-based solution, it offers a robust and scalable delivery platform at a price that provides real value for money.