The Teamie platform is a positive representation of the type of learning environment that students have come to expect, i.e. social and mobile

A cloud-based collaborative learning platform that fits into your ecosystem

Ask, answer and share ideas instantly on a social feed
Collaborate & design engaging lessons & assessments
Keep a tab on user's learning curve & gain actionable insights
Continue using seamlessly the services you're familiar with.
Collaborative Learning. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Teamie 1.17

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Fri, 02/05/2016
Ram Chander

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You may have noticed over the past few months that we’ve been focusing our efforts on Dash, making it more powerful and easy to use. Dash is the way forward for Teamie. And hence, in this update we are introducing 3 Dash-only features.

Friday, December 25, 2015
Ram Chander
Friday, December 4, 2015
Ram Chander

Learn On-the-Go

Learn Anytime Anywhere. With Teamie's iOS and Android Apps, you have the tools to learn and teach from wherever you are.


  • UWCSEA chose Teamie over other learning platforms as the integral social and collaborative basis of the platform resonates strongly with our principles of learning. The deep Google Apps integration allows it to complement and enhance our current practice without requiring teachers to move (again) all their resources or change calendar platforms. Teamie has excellent support and responsiveness to feedback, and an openness to integrate with other products. Being a cloud-based solution, it offers a robust and scalable delivery platform at a price that provides real value for money.

    * Download UWCSEA Innovation Case Study by Ovum

  • At Law Ting Pong Secondary school, we needed a VLE that creates learning communities by connecting teachers, students, classrooms and parents, with the sort of fluid navigation and connectivity we have become accustomed to from social media. Our current VLE needed replacing. The younger staff were beginning to migrate to Facebook and Edmodo or using Google Docs. We needed the right solution and quickly if we were to avoid creating a messy digital ecosystem. Teamie has proved to be the answer. In four weeks, we were up to 889 users, 289 classrooms, 110 Assessments, 112 Units and 18,370 Teamie Points awarded to students and staff. 

    Staff saw Teamie as the solution to make managing learning and assessing more productive, as well as offering innovative ways of giving feedback and monitoring students progress. Students loved using the App on their mobile device to share their ideas, thoughts and images with their teachers, and the juniors (and some staff) became very competitive about their Teamie points. The deep integration with Google has helped us all make better use of Google Docs and may remove the need for Hapara. Managing user accounts and classrooms in Teamie did not require any additional expertise. Staff particularly liked the way they can see which students have been reading and downloading the resources in their Teamie classrooms. Another plus was being able to share and collaborate  with colleagues when creating Teamie teaching Units and Assessments. The similarity between Teamie and Facebook also meant that our training sessions could focus on how to use Teamie to support good learning, rather than how to use technology.

    Peter Woodhead
    e-Learning Consultant
  • In the early days, when Lithan Hall Academy was making a transformation to a Flipped Classroom Blended Learning approach, we felt the need of having a social learning platform which would have the rigour of training and yet have the fun and interactive element of social learning. 

    During this period, we looked at several conventional Learning Management Systems & innovative collaborative tools that would help us achieve our goal and Teamie came closest to our needs. The platform supports SCORM and Tin Can content, it has gamification elements through Teamie Points, it has a simple and easy user interface, and it gives users flexibility to create content as per their requirements.

    We have been using the Teamie platform since 2012 and it is currently deployed at Lithan Hall Academy Singapore and Lithan University College Myanmar. Lithan Hall Academy Malaysia will be embarking on Teamie journey soon! Since then, Teamie became a strategic partner for Lithan Education Group. The team has a fantastic group of people who are passionate and accommodating. They are willing to look at different perspectives and take challenges head-on. Their after sales service is fantastic. The team at Lithan can practically call any member and seek immediate assistance.

    It takes far more commitment to provide such a level of customer service and, believe me, a beautiful product is as good as zero if you do not get the help when you need the most. I would like to thank the team at Teamie who are putting in their best effort. Kudos to the team!

    Raja Chowdhary
    Director of Product Management
  • We chose Teamie as our learning platform as it enables students in different campuses and learning centres to collaborate and learn as if they are sitting in one virtual classroom. We aim to save significant time and effort in the assessment process by using Teamie as it automates grading.

    Teamie also gives us the ability to grow our business without worrying about the infrastructure to support the learning needs of our students. The team from Teamie has impressed us with their ability to deliver the platform along with some of our custom feature requests. The team has been extremely professional and delivered the project in a timely manner.

    Sajjad Akbar
    General Manager
  • Ascend has been using Teamie for almost 6 months. We have created several virtual spaces to extend our face-to-face classrooms. Students and Teachers are encouraged to ‘meet-up’ in these virtual communities and continue their learning through discussions and interactive content.

    The platform has given our students the opportunity to interact with staff and students throughout the school. The Teamie team has been extremely responsive to our needs and we look forward to a Teamie platform that continues to evolve with us and meet our social, administrative and academic needs.

    Lisa Van der Berg
    Language Lab Manager