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Social Newsfeed

Share ideas, facilitate conversations, collaborate and learn together in a safe & secure environment.

Tasks & Announcements

Share task or homework posts and post class announcements.

Learning Resources & Curriculum Mapping

Create learning resources, upload existing learning resources (all standard formats supported) or embed resources from the web. Manage when and by whom a learning resource is consumed, and track consumption.

Map Learning Resources on Teamie to specific objectives of a curriculum e.g. International Baccalaureate  Objectives. Verify that the learning resources meet all curriculum objectives.

Personalised Learning Plan

Share learning resources with select learners based on their needs and ability.

Assessments & Grading

Create formative or summative assessments. Get instant analysis and auto-grading for objective questions. Annotate learner submissions to provide detailed feedback.


Create rubrics to grade assessments or offline activities based on your curriculum requirements. Import existing rubrics easily.


Get detailed analysis & insights on the class performance across assessments, with the ability to add feedback and remarks for each learner.

Content Banks

Add learning resources and assessments to a common Content Bank, from where other instructors can make a copy into their respective classes.

Calendar & Notifications

Enable learners to access important deadlines and announcements in one place on the platform.

Reports Dashboard

Access a dashboard of reports to track learner performance, instructor participation, content consumption and overall engagement on the platform.


Award Points and Badges for different actions on the platform to drive behavior and participation. View leaderboards and track participation.

Mobile Learning

Enable learners to share, discuss, read and learn wherever they are. Watch Teamie adapt to your mobile web browser, through Responsive Web Design.

Administration & Integrations

Personalise your Teamie Platform

Configure your Teamie site to your needs & requirements - everything including the URL, Logo, Colours, Roles & Permissions and terms used on the site.

Google Apps Integration

Integrate deeply with Google Apps. Single Sign-on with your Google ID, single click to access & share content from your Google Drive, sync with Google Calendar, and even create and share Google Documents from within the Teamie platform.

LTI & Turnitin Integration

Import any LTI-ready content into the Teamie platform (Teamie is Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) compliant) Integrate deeply with Turnitin plagiarism checking tool.

SCORM & Tin Can Support

Import any e-learning content that has been packaged in Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) or Tin Can standards. Other supported formats include Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC), Package Exchange Notification Services (PENS) and Run-Time Web Service (RTWS).

Integration with Third Party Systems

Integrate with third party systems like student management systems (Pearson PowerSchool, DoubleFirst Engage, Wise.NET, etc) or other platforms like Panopto, Kaltura. Or use Teamie's simple Excel Import tool to setup the platform by uploading an Excel file!

Videoconferencing Integration

Integrate with third party web and videoconferencing tools such as Webex, VCube, or Citrix GoToMeeting. Initiate & join conference sessions from within Teamie.

Data Migration from your current LMS

Move your existing LMS data and content easily to Teamie.

Modular & Customisable

Choose the modules, create additional roles and assign permissions as per your needs; it is as simple as turning them ON or OFF.

Every institute is different and we can help build the workflows, integrations and other customisations needed to fit Teamie into your learning eco-system.


Use Teamie's Survey tool to gather feedback and see instant analysis of the survey.