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Make learning collaborative with Teamie

VLE for Education

Harness the power of social networking to make learning fun, collaborative and engaging. Create a safe & secure network for instructors and learners to interact and learn.

  • Posts & Announcements

    Anyone can create posts on newsfeed to share ideas or ask questions from their group. Learn socially!

    Tasks with Due Dates

    Teachers can create activities for students with a deadline

    Lock Comments

    Promote creativity, do not let the students see what others have said till they have responded to a post themselves.

    Peer Feedback

    Harness the power of your group, learn from their inputs.

    Share Multimedia Content

    Upload video, audio, documents, links and much more


    Award Points and Badges for different actions on the platform to drive behavior and participation. View leaderboards and track participation
  • Rich & Dynamic Units/Lessons

    Add multimedia or standards-based content (SCORM, Tin Can, AICC) by simply dragging and dropping them on a webpage

    Quizzes (Objective Assessment)

    Leverage different question types (MCQ, Fill in the Blanks, Match the following) to conduct formative assessments

    Assignments (Subjective Assessment)

    Allow learners to make submissions as documents, audio or video files. Leverage Rubrics, Audio or Annotations to grade their submissions.

    Create Portfolios

    Showcase students' learning and reflections through content-rich stories

    Map Curriculum Standards

    Assess Mastery and Align Curriculum Standards to Assignments

    Personalised Learning

    Differentiate learning by sharing resources with select learners based on their needs and define individual learning paths.
  • Gradebook with Learner Insights

    View results of the learners for all the assessments in a module and spot easily
    who needs more support and guidance

    Mastery View / Standards Based Gradebook

    Report on curriculum standards based on assessment evidence and teacher judgement

    Question Stats

    Identify areas that learners are struggling with by looking at their performance
    for each question in an assessment

    Lesson Stats

    Track who is reading the content as per the plan and remind those who are left behind

    Classroom Dashboard

    Check which learners have completed their activities on time or who need some help

    Admin Dashboard

    Analyse the progress of online learning initiative in your institute based on different parameters and take decisions that are backed by data
  • User & Class Management

    Add or remove users and groups one by one or in bulk

    Class Rollover

    Term over? Copy the contents of your existing classroom to a new one in a jiffy!

    Content Banks

    Create Once and Use Many. Reuse the content created by you or your peers easily!

    Site Level Reminders

    Do not let them miss a deadline! Set automated reminders for your users.

    Configure Permissions

    Decide who should do what on your site by ticking few checkboxes

    Modular Design

    Enable features, Upload your logo, Choose your color scheme. Your Teamie, Your Way!
  • Have a SIS? We got it covered

    Pull and push data in a secure manner and easily from your SIS into Teamie

    Google or Microsoft - We love you either way

    Deep integration with Google & Microsoft Apps. Pick or create your documents in their drives and set permissions directly from Teamie.

    Standards-based or Bespoke integration

    Integrate with third party apps like Turnitin, OneNote or home grown solutions by leveraging LTI or a custom approach.

    Web Conferencing

    Deliver real time learning by leveraging our integration with tools like Zoom and WebEx

    Single Sign-on

    Login using your Google, Office365 or existing SIS accounts. No new passwords!

    Leverage our APIs

    Build your ecosystem by integrating Teamie with other applications using our secure and real time APIs