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Teamie builds Collaborative Learning Platforms for Educational Institutes & Enterprises

Teamie brings the power of social networking to education to make learning collaborative and fun. Teamie was founded with the idea of enhancing collaboration & sharing between students themselves, and with other stakeholders in the Education system (Teachers, Parents and Management). Teamie aims to improve the learning process by enabling teams of learners collaborate and learn from each other.

Teamie believes that multiple technologies and systems can be a drain on anyone, and especially teachers who should spend most of their precious time, guiding and coaching students. Teamie brings together the key capabilities required for learning management, social collaboration, analytics and student management into one single platform.

At Teamie, we understand that technology is not core to what an educational institute does, and hence it is unfair to expect an educational institute to spend a lot of its time, resources and money on hardware, software upgrades & maintenance. Teamie is powered by the Cloud, and delivers a safe & secure environment for learning.

Historically, Learning has been limited by the physical presence of the student & the teacher. The internet has changed that significantly, and now the Mobile revolution is changing it another notch. Teamie aims to bring education & learning anytime anywhere and on any device, so you are never too far or too late to learn something new.

Education has the ability to transform our lives. Teamie strives to deliver education and has the vision to improve the education process and make social collaboration an inherent part of learning. Teamie builds social learning platforms for education & training purposes. We, the team @ teamie, are thrilled with the opportunity to make a difference to this world, and through our software & service touch and improve many lives.

  • Shivanu
    Co-Founder + Chief Executive Officer
  • Ashwin
    Co-Founder + Chief Operating Officer
  • Ram
    Product Manager
  • Subu
    Technical Lead (Web)
  • John
    Technical Lead (Android)
  • Chamil
    Technical Lead (Projects)
  • Ching
    Lead (Training & Support)
  • Purva
    Senior Tester
  • Arun
    Senior Developer (Web)
  • Rohitha
    Senior Developer (Web)
  • Vinay
    Lead (Automated Testing)
  • Bhuvneshwar
    Support Manager
  • Ravi
    Lead (Cloud Infrastructure)
  • Nadeesha
    Teachnical Lead (Integrations)
  • Lakshman
    Development Manager
  • Pavan
    Senior Tester
  • Ashish
    Designer (Web & Graphics)
  • Ankita
    Senior Developer (Web)
  • Anurag
    Developer (Web)
  • Nalin
    Senior Developer (Web)
  • Priya
    Developer (Android)
  • Vivek
    Developer (Web)
  • Nikhil
    Senior Technical Writer
  • Sudarsan
    Developer (Web)
  • Shashank
    Principal Consultant
  • Vineet
    Senior Tester
  • Pi
    User Happiness Manager
  • Saranya
    Lead (User Experience)
  • Shahrukh
    Developer (Android)
  • Sougata
    Senior Designer (User Experience)
  • Gordon
    Principal Consultant
  • Aayush
    Developer (Web)
  • You

To all who have been part of the journey so far..

  • Ethan
    Principal Consultant
  • Amar
    Lead (Architecture, Platform & Technology)
  • Srihitha
    Development Manager
  • Anuj
    Senior Developer (iOS)
  • Prashanth
    Project Manager
  • Huynh Van Quang
    Developer (Web)
  • Saurabh
    Developer (iOS)
  • Harish
    Lead (User Experience)

  • Bui Phuc Duyet
  • Inian Parameshwaran
  • Leontius Adhika Pradhana
  • Ryan Dao
  • Shang Ong
    (Marketing Executive)
  • Ji Zhoubo
    (Mobile App Developer)
  • Raunak Rajpuria
    (Mobile App Developer)
  • Karthik Rajasekaran
    (Mobile App Developer)
  • Kang Hong Jin
    Web Developer
  • Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Thao
    Mobile App Developer
  • Wei Ming Leong
    Web Developer
  • Zhu Liang
    Web Developer
  • Chuxin Liao
    Web Developer
  • Max Kusnadi
    Web Developer