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Back-End Web Developer (New Delhi, India)

Knows a server-side programming language & has experience building a web application
Comfortable with any DVCS (Mercurial / Git)
Has firm understanding of HTTP protocol
Working knowledge of databases
Has basic knowledge of web application security
Has worked with a web development framework

Android App Developer (New Delhi, India)

Experience in developing native Android apps using MVC pattern
Proficient in Java
Comfortable with DVCS (Git / Mercurial)
Experience of a hybrid mobile app framework

Business Development Executive (Singapore)

Generated sales pipeline through cold calling
Qualified leads by understanding client's requirements
Conveyed value proposition of the solution through presentations
Used inbound lead generation platform
Comfortable with using CRM solution
Experience of SaaS solution for online learning

Front-End Web Developer (New Delhi, India)

Proficient in JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS
Developed user interfaces using AngularJS
Comfortable with any DVCS (Mercurial / Git)
Knows front-end website optimization

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