We know our users love different applications & services that are amazing at what they do, and we’d want our users to be able to continue using those services without breaking the learning experience & adding significant administrative overhead. Teamie integrates with a suite of popular applications & services using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Teamie is also IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) compliant, which enables us to integrate easily with a large and growing number of LTI-ready applications.

Don’t see your favourite application in the list below or you have an internally-developed application that you want to integrate with Teamie? No fear, Teamie has its own set of APIs that can be used for integrations with such systems, and work together with your teams to create a seamless experience for your ecosystem.


Do things on Teamie, whenever something happens on your favourite App. Connect your classroom with over 500 Apps using Zapier. Learn more.


Pick files from One Drive right from within Teamie, and share them with your class.

Google Apps

No Teamie username or password. Login to the Teamie platform & mobile apps with your Google user credentials. Simple.

Google Drive

Pick a document from your Drive, or create a Google Document, without ever leaving Teamie. This is really awesome.


Pull user & module information, and push user grades & scores. Deliver learning without any administrative overhead.


See Originality Scores & Originality Report right within Teamie, without the need to login to Turnitin separately. See how this works.

Office 365

No Teamie username or password. Login to the Teamie platform & mobile apps with your Office 365 user credentials. Simple.

Microsoft Active Directory

Integrate with Active Directory to enable seamless single sign-on experience for users & get user details.


Library of free online textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards, and real world applications for over 5000 concepts. Embed this interactive content into your Teamie lessons seamlessly!


Create a new WebEx Training session, or join a scheduled session, or simply view the recording of a WebEx session. No meeting IDs, No logging in. Seamless Collaborative Learning.

Double First Engage

Sync users & classes from Double First Engage, and remove any double work of user administration.

Campus Management

Sync users & modules from Campus Management, and administer your Teamie site without any extra effort. Easy rollout.


Live lectures are now in the same place as your lecture resources. One click to access your online resources, or your live lecture broadcast or recording.

Capita SIMS

User records, memberships, documents & reports now synced with Teamie. Single place to manage & administer users.


Sync users, classes and timetable from iSAMS to create a seamless user experience.


Create Class Notebooks from within Teamie, and students get access to them automatically. Learn more.