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How do I create a classroom on Teamie?

The top menu bar contains a menu item called 'Classrooms'. Click the 'Classrooms' menu item, then click on 'Start New' at the bottom of the list.

Proceed to fill in the form with the classroom name, description and code (optional). Click the 'Save' button.


How do I add users to a classroom?

Adding people to a classroom is done on an invitation basis. People who are added are sent e-mail invites and that would guide them on how to join the classroom. Only administrators of a classroom would be able to add people to the classroom. Therefore, the minimum requirement for adding a user to a classroom, is that the user must have a unique e-mail address.


The following are the steps for adding people to a classroom:

  1. Navigate to the classroom to which you wish to add people.
  2. A block titled 'People' should be visible on the left sidebar. This block displays the users, who are currently members of the classroom. Click on the arrow beside the 'See Everyone' button at the bottom of the block.
  3. A small dropdown menu appears with one of the options being 'Add People'. Click on that menu option.
  4. In the 'Add People' form, select the role you would like to assign to the people you are adding. Note: This role would be the role the people would have within the current classroom.
  5. Type in e-mail addresses of people to be added to the classroom. You could also type in the names of the users, if they have already been registered / added / bulk-imported into Teamie.

If you're interested to know how to remove users from a classroom, read this section on Removing users from a classroom

Where can I view statistics and reports on Teamie?


This depends on whether you have permission to view reports. To check for if you have permission, look for a block titled 'Manage Teamie'. (You have to navigate to the home page by clicking on the Teamie logo to view this block.) One of the links within that block would be 'Reports'. Clicking on that link takes you to the reports page.

Alternatively, you could type in '/reports/dashboard' at the end of the URL. For instance, if your Teamie URL is 'institute.theteamie.com' then typing in 'institute.theteamie.com/reports/dashboard' would take you to the Reports page.

What are the reports I can access as a Site Admin?

The answer is it depends. Teamie is a configurable platform that gives you access to a variety of insights and statistics. You can pick and choose the stuff you would like to see.

These are some of the reports you can access. (Note: This list is only suggestive. Depending on the institute you're from, you may have access to additional reports.)

  • Site Usage Stats
    A report that gives an overview of how users are using Teamie
  • User Activity Stats
    A report showing most active users on the site and user login activity
  • Content Stats
    A report that gives insight into users who create the most content (Lessons & Quizzes) and the most active classrooms

On the Reports Dashboard page, there is a block on the left sidebar titled 'Reports List'. This block lists the various reports that you have access to.

How do I navigate to the Reports Dashboard page?

How do I check if students have viewed a classroom?


Do the following:

  1. Navigate to the classroom for which you would want to view statistics.
  2. Click on the 'More' link beside the name of the classroom.
  3. Click on the 'Track' option in the dropdown list of links that appear.
  4. You should now see a table listing the users and the time when they accessed the classroom. Additional info like Referrer (the page from which they navigated to the classroom) is also available.

How do I view last login details of users?

Do the following:
  1. Navigate to the home page by clicking on the Teamie logo.
  2. Look for the 'Manage Teamie' block on the left sidebar. Click on the 'People' link within the block.
  3. A new page loads displaying a table of all users on Teamie. One of the columns called 'Last Access' gives you the info of the last login time of every user.

How do I navigate between different classrooms?

You need to click on the 'Classrooms' menu item on the top navigation bar to view the list of classrooms that you have access to. To navigate to a particular classroom, simply select a classroom from the list.

Alternatively, you could click on 'View All' to view a complete list of all classrooms that you are a member of. This list also displays an overview of each classroom.

Where do I read an overview of a classroom?

An overview of the classroom tells you what the classroom is about.

Navigate to the classroom whose overview you wish to see. Click on the 'About' link to the right-side of the classroom name. If the 'About' link is not directly visible beside the title of the classroom, try clicking the 'More' link. The 'About' link could be present in the dropdown list of links that appear.

How do I add or remove users in a classroom?

Read this section on adding users to a classroom.

How do I add Scorm content to a classroom?


Do the following:

  1. Navigate to the classroom to which you wish to add the SCORM content.
  2. Locate the 'Lessons' block on the right sidebar. Click the arrow in the red button at the bottom of the block. Select 'Add Scorm Content' from the dropdown that appears.
  3. Fill up the form by entering a title and uploading a Scorm file as a .zip file.

Note: By default, you'll be able to upload only a limited number of SCORM files. In order to upload an unlimited number of SCORM files, you'll need to get in touch with Teamie.

How do I add documents to a classroom?

  1. Navigate to the classroom to which you wish to add documents.
  2. Click on the textbox in the Thought / Question Share box.
  3. Click on the link titled 'Attach' within the Thought Share box.
  4. There are different kinds of files that you can attach to a thought / question. (Images, audio, video & document files). Click on the 'Document' tab and upload the document that you wish to share.
  5. Type in some text about the document and click the 'Share' button to make the document available to the entire classroom.

How do I delete a classroom?

You need to be either a Site Admin or the creator of the classroom in order to delete the classroom. Do the following:

  1. Navigate to the classroom that you wish to delete.
  2. Click on the 'More' link located on the rightside of the classroom name. Select 'Edit' from the dropdown of links that appear.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the 'Edit Classroom' page. Click on the 'Delete' button, located beside the 'Save' and 'Preview' buttons.
  4. Confirm that you want to delete the classroom. If you've changed your mind, then select 'Cancel'.

Note: This action cannot be undone and therefore exercise caution when you do it.


What is a Thought?

A Thought is anything that you would like to share with your network or classroom peers. It could be a simple status update, or an interesting article link, or an image or document. A thought is meant to initiate a discussion and get comments and feedback.

What is the difference between a Thought and a Question?

They are almost the same with some differences such as:

  1. With a question, you can attach a poll and get user responses & feedback.
  2. For a question, other users can indicate if they have the same question instead of a Like button.
  3. For a question, users can respond with answers, and the author of the question or the teacher of the classroom can mark any comment as the right answer. This makes it easy to follow a question and its answer.
  4. For a question’s response, users can vote up or vote down an answer.
  5. The difference between questions and thoughts makes it easy to filter between discussions and questions (especially during the crunch times before an exam or assignment).

What is a Whiteboard?

A whiteboard is your classroom’s collaborative discussion area. A whiteboard is like a newsfeed where you can post stuff that is important and also read all posts from users in the classroom, and it allows you to respond and interact with the class directly from the whiteboard.

In general, the whiteboard is the default page that appears when you navigate to a classroom.

How do I tag users on Teamie?

You can tag users by prefixing @ to the name of the user you want to tag. Teamie will automatically suggest to you the names of users, who are part of your connections on the platform. For example, to tag John Smith, you need to type @John and you will see the platform auto-suggest the rest of the name.

In general, users get notified whenever they are tagged by another user. So tagging a user is usually a good way of drawing the attention of a user to the thought / question you are sharing.

Can I use hashtags in a Thought / Question on Teamie?

Yes, hashtags are enabled on Teamie. Just write any word with a # sign as a prefix, and it becomes a search-able entity on the platform. For example, #Assignment3 was tough. OR Teamie is awesome #FTW

How can I post an announcement on Teamie?

An announcement is a thought or a question shared with the classroom, but is of high priority. In general, members of a classroom get e-mail notifications whenever an announcement is posted. In some institutes, posting an announcement may also send an SMS to all members of the classroom.

Only users with appropriate permissions can post announcements on Teamie. In general, teachers and administrators have the ability to post announcements.

To post an announcement:

  1. Navigate to the classroom in which you wish to make the announcement.
  2. Click the textbox in the Thought Share Box and type in the text of the announcement.
  3. Tick the checkbox that says 'Post this thought as an announcement' or 'Post this question as an announcement'.
  4. Click the 'Share' button to post the announcement.
Thoughts, Questions & Whiteboard

What are Teamie Points?

Teamie points can be viewed as a reward for user activity on Teamie. A user earns Teamie points whenever he does certain actions like posting a thought, giving the right answer to a question etc.

A user can have different number of Teamie points for the different set of classrooms that he / she belongs to. On the profile of the user, the total Teamie points earned by that particular user (across all classrooms) is displayed.

What's the use of having Teamie points?

The idea behind Teamie points is to encourage & reward user participation on Teamie.

Teamie points can also be viewed as a measure of user activity. Every classroom on Teamie has a Leaderboard that lists the top students based on the number of Teamie points they have earned. One glance at the Leaderboard can easily tell you who the most active students of the classroom are.

Moreover, for a given user, based on his Teamie points across different classrooms, one can judge his level of interest and engagement in each of those classrooms.

Will Teamie points ever be deducted?

Oh yes! A very simple example is when you delete a thought you had shared. Posting a thought earns you Teamie points and deleting the thought you had posted could lead to Teamie points deduction.

The site administrator can also set negative points to discourage certain actions. For instance, every time a user's comment is voted down, that user could lose Teamie points. The number of Teamie points deducted is not fixed and depends on the value set by the site administrator.

Teamie Points

What is the difference between an online Quiz and an offline Quiz?

An offline Quiz is a quiz that took place offline, whose scores you wish to record on Teamie.

An online Quiz is a quiz that you create on Teamie, which students would take online.

How do I create an online Quiz?


This video demonstrates how to add an Online Quiz on Teamie

To understand what is an online quiz, read this section on difference between online and offline Quizzes

What is a public Quiz?

When creating or editing a quiz, the quiz creator has the ability to set the privacy of a quiz as 'Public' or 'Private'. If the privacy is set to 'Private', only members of the classroom can view the quiz. If the privacy is set to 'Public', then any user on Teamie has access to the quiz. The quiz becomes a part of the Quiz Bank.

The advantage in making a quiz public is that other teachers on Teamie would have access to its questions and could make use of them in the quizzes they create. Read this section on Creating Quiz using Question Bank for more details on how this is done.

Note: If Teamie is deployed at your institute, then by default public quizzes are visible only within your institute. They would not be accessible by people from other institutes. However, on Teamie Instant, public Quizzes are accessible by any user from anywhere in the world.

What is a Question Bank? What is a Quiz Bank?

Similar to a Lesson Bank, a Question Bank is the collection of all the questions from the public quizzes created by teachers and other contributors on Teamie.

Depending on your institute's preferences, the Question Bank would contain questions from all teachers around the world or only from teachers at your institute.

From the Question Bank, a teacher can select questions and create a new Quiz for his/her class. This saves time, and enables users to reuse and modify existing questions and expose students to assignments from other teachers around the world.

A Quiz Bank is similar to a Question Bank. A quiz bank is a collection of all public quizzes created by teachers on Teamie.

To view the Question / Quiz Bank, read this section on How to View the Question / Quiz Bank.

How do I view the Question / Quiz Bank?

Only users with appropriate permissions in an institute would be able to view the Question Bank. In general, only teachers and administrators would have access to the Question Bank.

To access the Question / Quiz bank:

  1. Navigate to any classroom that you are a member of.
  2. Look for the 'Quizzes' block on the right sidebar. Click on the arrow in the red button at the bottom of the block.
  3. If you want to view the Question Bank, select 'View the Question Bank' from the dropdown. If you want to view the Quiz Bank, select 'View the Quiz Bank' from the dropdown.
  4. A table listing all the publicly accessible questions / quizzes would be displayed.

Is my profile on Teamie public?

Your profile is visible only to your connections. It is not visible to people who are not on the platform, and those who are not in the same classrooms that you are a member of.

What happens when I post a thought anonymously?

As a student, a user is allowed to post thoughts or questions anonymously. The posts and comments made anonymously are visible to all users in the classroom. However, the name of the author is not visible to other students. Only teachers can see which student has posted anonymously.

The purpose of this functionality is to encourage shy students to ask questions or post comments. It is to avoid scenarios wherein a student does not participate in discussions, thinking what he/she has to say is not “good enough”.

In order to avoid misuse, the teacher can see which anonymous post has been made by which student.